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Vajrayana Teachings of Ven. Drubpon Ngawang Tenzin

Vajrayana Teachings of Ven. Drubpon Ngawang Tenzin

Ven. Drubpon Ngawang Pagsam Yongdu Tenzin gave very powerful Vajrayana teachings during this visit on January 14 and 15, 2012 at Druk Kunzig Ling center.

With clear words, Drubpon-La laid in his teachings the foundation of the Buddha Dharma, on which everything else is built: do wholesome, avoid unwholesome. From there, he skillfully elaborated the Preparatory Exercises, the Six Perfections, and other aspects of Mahayana and Vajrayana Buddhism in a way that always maintained direct reference to practice. His authentic teachings always carry the flavor of deep wisdom and lived experience, offered with love and much humor.

With his transmissions of the sadhanas, Drubpon Ngawang Tenzin planted a precious seed whose nurturing and maturing is now incumbent upon us.


Photos: © Agnes Forsthuber


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