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Visit of H.H. in Hamburg - Live To Love

Visit of H.H. in Hamburg - Live To Love

In a multitude of interviews, talks, visits and appearances, His Holiness has met an indescribable number of people and touched and inspired them deeply.

He has prepared the ground for the further growth of Live To Love in Germany and on all occasions has expressed the encouragement to take responsibility for one's own life. With His fresh and direct way, He has always pointed out the interconnectedness with all beings and life situations and opened up further meaning-filling perspectives in a completely undogmatic way.

In prison

His visits to the Hahnöfersand and Fuhlsbüttel correctional facilities were particularly impressive and moving. H.H. encouraged the inmates to use their time in prison in a spiritual way. He explained the blessing of anchoring consciousness in the present. Gyalwang Drukpa explained the tremendous increase in strength that, if they practiced letting go of their past and learning to forgive themselves and others, would be a natural result.

The detainees would create a positive future for themselves using this method. He also spoke of the people who had spent very long periods in prison this way and emerged completely transformed, even becoming an inspiration to society.

In Dialogue

The performance of the Drukpa nuns with their Kung Fu performance was the cultural prelude of the three-day program with H.H. in the Curio Haus in Hamburg. The powerful and at the same time graceful Chöd dance particularly impressed all present.

A happy omen was the 9th of November, which is considered the anniversary of the birthday of Tsangpa Gyare, the founder of the Drukpa Order and 1st Gyalwang Drukpa. Appreciated by a generous gesture of Prof. Köpke the director of the Hamburg Ethnological Museum, he delivered a precious statue of Tsangpa Gyare and told in a lively way the poetic story of how the Hamburg Ethnological Museum came into her possession. His Holiness showed how moved and pleased He was about it. For him, this was a natural affirmation of why He felt such a natural relationship with Hamburg.

"Faith-Love-Mind, how do we create a better world ?" was the theme of the round table. His Holiness in dialogue with people who move a lot in Germany. Manfred Bissinger moderated a very lively and inspiring exchange with Gyalwang Drukpa, Dr. Maria Schneider, Bernd Kauffmann and Lars Haider. Originally, one hour was planned for this. However, the richness of all individual perspectives led to an extension of this event. The enthusiastic feedback confirmed the desire to establish discussion rounds of this kind on television as well.

The clear message of the documentary film by Wendy J.N. Lee, "Pad Yatra: A Green Odyssey," bears witness to the exemplary activities of His Holiness and the pilgrims. All the audience were "taken" by it in the literal sense.

In the public lecture "The Other Path" His Holiness pointed out the enormous importance of being able to deal skillfully with one's own mind. Only in this way is a stable inner attitude possible, from which truly helpful action can arise.

His Holiness dedicated a whole day to the theme "Finding Self-Reliance in Refuge". Gyalwang Drukpa set a broad framework for this and presented a universal path, borne of love and wisdom and beyond all religious or dogmatic limitations. Via Auditorium Netwerk and via Sekretariat Drukpa Hamburg DVD recordings of all event days are available for purchase.

Our best wishes for a great success of the events in Paris and Geneva for Live To Love-France and Live To Love Switzerland!

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