Ven. Drubpon Ngawang Tenzin teaches on Guru Dewa

Drubpon Ngawag Tenzin has given teachings for two days about Guru Padmasambhava and Guru Dewa and thereby has laid a solid foundation.

He clarified the motivations and "vessels" of Buddhism.

In doing so Drubpon La has again emphasized the basic Dharma mindset: To do good and refrain from unwholesome activity. With such a mind set it is possible to find security and stability.

Drubpon La has also told about his personal way and has not only brought about much respect, but also inspiration how to deal with difficulties.

In a lively way he has teached on the basis of his own experiences and has left a strong impression of this far-ranging practice.

The Dharma weekend about Guru Dewa was concluded with a festive Ganachakra for the benefit of all beings.

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