Ven. Drubpon Ngawang teaches on Bardo and Mahamudra

During his visit at the end of September 2013 at Hamburg´s Drukpa centre Drubpon Nganwang deepened his teachings on the Bardos of July 2012. Drubpoin La explained the perspective of looking at living as well as dying  as possibilities to wake up to the universal truh. He underlined the essential importance to be concerned with ones own mind, to cultivate it and to align it towards beneficial contents.

In his descriptions of the Mahamudra practice  he pictured a profound method very vivid and comprehensible out of his own experience.

On every occasion Drubpon La knows how to enrich his teachings with personal experiences, thus once a again maiking the Dharma  accessible to many people.

© 2013 Agnes Forsthuber

Venerable Drubpon Ngawang is the European representative of the Drukpa Lineage. Anyone who knows him does appreciate and honor him for his great benevolence and extraordinary patience. His spiritual teachings are characterized by purity, simplicity, ascetism and profoundness. If you want to learn more about Drubpon-La, please click here.