Ven. Drubpon Ngawang teaches Sampa Lhundrup Ma

At the end of September, Venerable Drubpon Ngawang will visit Hamburg again and give instructions to the valuable practice of Sampa Lhundrup Ma.

2018.09. Drubpon La Praxis Sampa Lhundrup Ma NL

Sampa Lhundrup Ma (The wish-fulfilling prayer) was one of many prayers that Guru Padmasambhava taught in 766 at the request of five of his close disciples and was personally conferred upon King Trisong Detsen and his son, Prince Mutri Tsenpo.

This prayer was then saved as a Terma in a rock resembling a jewel mountain (Drak Rinchen Puk Dra) with the help of the four Dakini sisters and treasure guards named 'Se Lhamo', to be finally found and decrypted in 1352.

The influences and consequences of future developments are clearly explained here and given to students and practitioners of Buddhist philosophy as a protective and wish-fulfilling prayer for all sentient beings.

This prayer is accurately dedicated to our age. Global climate change and all the obstacles and mental sufferings require an alert and clear mind. Through the practice of this prayer, practitioners gain protection, strength, and orientation toward the challenges of this era.

Date: September 29th / 30th, 2018
Location: Eppendorfer Weg 93a, 20259 Hamburg

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