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S.E. Gyaltsen Tulku Rinpoche

Kunzang Tenpé Gyaltsen, better known as H.E. Gyaltsen Tulku Rinpoche, is a high yogi of the Drukpa order from Bhutan. In 2008, he was officially appointed by His Holiness the 12th Gyalwang Drukpa in Darjeeling at his retreat center Chitre as Drubpön or Retreat Master as Detchen Ösel Puk, which is equivalent to "Divine Happiness and Light".

His Work

Gyaltsen Tulku Rinpoche holds numerous spiritual and practical responsibilities at the center there and pursues many activities. Even before that, for many years, as the appointed retreat master of the Government of Bhutan, he has strongly supported the strengthening of the Dharma in Eastern Bhutan, establishing about a total of nine retreat centers.

Taught and blessed by five enlightened spiritual masters, in all these years, besides establishing these meditation centers and retreats, he has built more than 100 houses for Buddhist practitioners and guided and trained a roughly equal number of Buddhists in the monasteries and centers throughout his country. And also, in the spirit of H.H. and the Drukpa Order, he has always and successfully advocated equal treatment and rights for nuns and monks.

For example, in the Jasharung Nunnery in Pema Gatshel/Bhutan, which he has been leading since 1992. In the meantime, almost 50 nuns live there, about 15 of whom finished their 3-year retreat in 2002. Under the leadership of His Eminence Gyaltshen Tulku Rinpoche, the retreat center has undergone several infrastructure improvements in the last 15 years, to the enormous benefit of the nuns living there; for example, an access road, a system for safe drinking water and electricity supply, and the installation of telephone connections is also almost complete.

S.E. also takes care of sick people without ceasing. People to whom he always gives strength and courage to overcome their illnesses through his care.

His Biography

Gyaltsen Rinpoche was born in 1953 in Eastern Bhutan. At the age of nine, he was recognized by Lopön Sönam Zangpo Rinpoche as the incarnation of the two great masters Trulshik Lama Gyaltsen and Gyaltsen Marpa. Subsequently, at the age of twelve, he was entrusted to the first Kyabje Tuksey Rinpoche, under whose supervision he studied for over ten years in Darjeeling at the monastery of His Holiness Gyalwang Drukpa. There he not only held numerous positions of responsibility - most notably the functions of Umdze (precentor at pujas and rituals), Discipline Master, and Vajra Master (Dordje Lopön) - but also developed a variety of other activities during this time.

After returning to Bhutan with Lopön Sönam Zangpo Rinpoche, Gyaltsen Tulku Rinpoche spent six years in strict meditation and mastered the Six Yogas of Naropa. He then took refuge with Je Khenpo Kinley of Bhutan as his Root Guru and received all of his teachings and blessings. In the past 17 years, H.E. Gyaltsen Rinpoche has helped a great many needy people and guided those who deserved and were interested in the path to enlightenment.

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